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   St. Procopius Church, Chicago

quoteAs you come Around the curve on Chicago’s Dan Ryan Expressway, heading south right before 31st Street, you can look out and see an urban landscape entirely dotted with steeples. Square block after square block of the city’s neighborhoods are taken up with beautiful churches, bell towers, schools, and other parish buildings. They testify to a reality that many of us now live without: the stamp of sacred space and time in our neighborhoods and in our lives.


What follows is a reflection, a personal essay on why the Enlightenment ascendency of reason and evidence caused such a tremendous disconnect in the way in which we experience faith. It is a view from the pews and a big-picture look at some very complex issues and the connections between them. It grew from the inside out, from the Primer on Aquinas at the back of the book to the shape it’s in today. In keeping with the Catholic sacramental imagination, there are lots of pictures. And for those interested, at the end is a somewhat idiosyncratic list of recommended books for further reading.