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   Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

quoteHere’s the enigma. The rather significant tradition of Catholic philosophy and theology says that faith and reason are coherent. If done right, they will never be in conflict. So why should the ascendency of reason and evidence have caused such a tremendous disconnect in the ways in which we experience faith?


In the Catholic Church, beliefs and practices are passed down through the centuries. It’s an institution whose traditions make up the very fabric of its identity. Therefore, the degree to which the Church functions bereft of these inherited traditions is the degree to which it flops as a church. Any Catholics, especially young ones, who have thought their way out of their faith and have even the slightest inclination to think themselves back in are not presented with a very appealing prospect.


The Catholicism that so many people thought their way out of in the past is not the one that will take us into the future. Neither is the one we’re muddling along with now. The whole thing needs to be excavated and rethought, thoroughly and entirely, top to bottom—the common memory, the structures of authority, the whole mess.